next class:

wednesday 25th april between 19:30 - 21:30

Weekly Classes (11 yrs and up):

  • Sun:    11:00 - 13:00 - taught class

  • Wed:   19:30 - 21:30 - taught class

  • Fri:      19:00 - 20:30 (open practice) - Only on if there is sufficient student demand!  

Beginners and visiting aikidoka are welcome anytime.

We provide additional classes for;  weapons training, internal strength development and advanced practice. For further information, see class times.

Moreover, we provide regular opportunities for dojo members to gain access to some of the world's highest level aikido instructors, see our events page for upcoming seminars!  


Senshin Dojo is located close to the city centre of Glasgow. We provide a safe, supportive and creative training environment to study the Japanese martial art of aikido. The dynamic movements of aikido can be used for self protection and its principles can be used to develop confidence, relaxation, fitness and promote a positive mind. 

At Senshin Dojo, we principally follow the teaching and technical direction of Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan (7th Dan; Boulder Aikikai, USA). Moreover, we support Ikeda Sensei's desire to bring together teachers and students from different aikido organisations and backgrounds to share their skills, build friendships and support the future growth of aikido. 

Dojo members train with a sense of purpose to develop the principles of 'Aiki' to resolve conflict rather than physical power or direct confrontation. The fundamentals of our aikido are built around the study of the six harmonies (6H) movement principles as taught by Mike Sigman (renowned internal arts teacher) to develop internal strength (Jin). Learning internal strength develops a connected body and consequently improves the martial efficacy of the aikido techniques. We strive to polish and refine the martial aspects of aikido's techniques to allow them to remain effective but not destructive. Furthermore, we try to develop a stronger link between aikido's principles as demonstrated in the dojo with what we do in our daily lives. 

If you are wondering if aikido is right for you, please take advantage of our 'free class' offer. You are welcome to drop by and watch a class or better still, step on the mat and give aikido a try!  

senshin Dojo address:

Petershill Leisure Centre,

28-30 Adamswell St,


G21 4DD

tel: 07905 588026



National: Aikido for Daily Life (ADL) and UK Aikido Shimbokukai.

International: Recognised member dojo of Aikido Shimbokukai, affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation and Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

                                British Aikido Board  approved dojo

                              British Aikido Board approved dojo